Experts in asphalt and concrete cutting

You learn by doing; after all, things often go differently than planned. Our clients benefit from all of our experience accumulated over our many years of diverse projects. We have a trusted group of operators and we closely communicate with each other when challenges or problems arise to resolve them. After nearly 25 years of asphalt and concrete floor cutting jobs, we’ve seen almost everything once before. Our clients save time as well as costs for unnecessary failures thanks to our ability to ‘see’ things that are often overlooked by others. Providing valuable input like this during project planning and execution is second nature to us.

Highly-advanced cutting equipment, developed in-house

ABX’s asphalt and concrete cutting equipment is the most advanced on the market, allowing us to carry out some 3,000 cutting jobs every year with ease. Our operators cut faster, with more precision and care, and more efficiently than our competitors.  For example, our very own 480-horsepower cutting saw truck, developed in-house, is the most advanced floor cutting machine in the world. Though its predecessor was also far superior to the competition, this did not withhold us from wanting to improve it further. We are constantly improving our services and our equipment.

Our customers benefit from our expertise and experience in the following ways:

  • We cut fast. Inconvenience to road users and nearby residences as well as the need for preparatory and subsequent work activities are kept to a minimum;
  • We cut carefully. Our operators are vigilant prior to and during the cutting process to scan the work site for any potential problems;
  • Using specialised new techniques, we cut to exactly the right depth in order to make demolition of the parts to be taken out easy.