The nature of the project will dictate the type of cutting equipment required. We always ensure that we prepare our operators up to the last detail before sending them out to the job. Our cutting saw trucks, other cutting machines, and trailers with cutting equipment and accessories are supplemented with a large variety of resources such as a mobile workshop. Our coordinators ensure that there is an ample supply of cooling water, that we are able to perform minor reparations underway, and that the operators are fully equipped to perform jobs demanding precision quickly and effectively. We make use of all opportunities available in the sector to continue to improve our equipment further.

Cutting saw trucks for speed and precision

Our asphalt and concrete cutting trucks are equipped with two powerful saws that work up to three times faster than the fastest possible alternative. The truck cuts up to 5,000 metres of asphalt a day, at a depth of 10 centimetres. Execution times are therefore fast. In addition, the truck occupies a relatively small area. Subsequent work activities can commence immediately after (or sometimes even during) cutting. We recently equipped one of our cutting trucks with fittings for a new technology that allows us to estimate even more precisely exactly how deep the cutting must be done. Want to find out more about our cutting saw trucks?

Worker-operated (standalone) cutting machines with surprising options

There’s more to our other (standalone, worker-operated) cutting machines than initially meets the eye. Having the dimensions of a small forklift, they are capable of handling complex cutting jobs with speed and precision. While at one time 50 horsepower was the limit, we now have cutting equipment operating at some 170 hp. In addition, we recently further innovated our machines, allowing us to now cut to 90cm deep. We can cut around bends, roundabouts and parking spaces precisely and in no time. Want to find out more about our worker-operated cutting machines?