Cutting saw truck

Our truck-mounted asphalt and concrete cutter cuts efficiently and with great precision. The rear saw blade is set to the ideal cutting depth, while the front blade automatically adjusts. This allows for a significantly higher speed of cutting – up to 20 metres per minute. Besides manual operation, automatic cutting is also possible thanks to the fitted smart cameras. These cameras compare the position of the cutting blade to the marked cutting lines at a rate of hundreds of times per second. This allows us to cut using fewer reference points. The cameras join the stripes into a single solid line. This saves the client time when it comes to delineating the area to be cut.

Our cutting saw trucks have:

  • Power: Cuts to at least 40cm deep;
  • Precision: The electronic depth measurement feature allows for extremely precise cutting, down to the millimetre. This is crucial for bridges, for example;
  • Logging capability: The electronic distance meter allows for logging of distances driven during cutting;
  • Noise insulation: Noise in the vicinity is limited to a minimum thanks to special noise-reducing saw hoods;
  • Safety guarantee: The saw blade can be fully covered down to ground level with a protective steel hood.